Arno explores new class of antimicrobial drugs

FLEMINGTON, N.J.—Arno Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, is marking several milestones in its effort to develop a compound with the potential to be first in a new class of antimicrobial drugs. Among the most significant of these developments was the designation of orphan drug status for AR-12 in Europe and the release of new data supporting the development of the molecule as a host-directed antiviral drug.

“We believe this molecule offers the potential for broad antiviral activity,” Alex Zukiwski, CEO of Arno Therapeutics, tells DDNews. “Our efforts right now through preclinical research are focused on gaining knowledge about where we might have the biggest therapeutic impact.”

In addition to Arno’s recent release of new data regarding AR-12’s potential as a host-directed antiviral drug and its new designation as an orphan drug, Arno has also released new data showing the drug’s potential against multiple hemorrhagic fevers and launched a research collaboration with medical research arms of the U.S. Army.

Zukiwski says the recent data from preclinical research positions AR-12 to have great potential to address a wide range of unmet medical needs. “Overall, the studies demonstrate the unique ability of AR-12 to inhibit key host chaperone proteins and potentially circumvent certain antiviral drug resistance mechanisms,” he says. “Furthermore, established safety from an Investigational New Drug-enabling toxicology program and a previous Phase 1 study position the compound for potentially rapid development as an antimicrobial agent.”

AR-12 is an orally available small molecule that has completed Phase 1 clinical trials in patients with cancer and preclinical research that revealed the molecule’s potential as an antimicrobial agent in various infectious diseases.

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