About Us

About Esperante

Esperante is a venture investment company controlled by C&P Group Holdings, a privately controlled life science interests group. The management, Board of Directors, Investment Committee and Advisors are significantly experienced in the operational management of life science companies, with a particular focus on the development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals and in vitro clinical diagnostic tests on a worldwide basis.

Esperante was established in 2004 and has to date completed 21 pharmaceutical and diagnostic company investments across the US, UK, continental Europe and Israel, with exits from two companies, Thiakis (UK) to Wyeth/Pfizer (US) and Pinnacle Biologics (US) to Concordia (Canada). In addition, portfolio company Cara Therapeutics (US) completed an IPO on NASDAQ in early 2014.

Investment Strategy

Esperante typically makes initial investments of between EUR 300,000 and EUR 700,000 in syndication with other investors for an equity stake ranging from 3% to 33%.

Investees must have existing or identified prospective management qualified and incentivised to deliver the investment to financial independence or major liquidity events including IPO or exit within a period of 5 years.